Craig joined the Air Force in 1999. His first career field was Munitions Systems or “Ammo.” Craig was stationed in Sumter, South Carolina at Shaw Air Force Base from 1999 – 2001. Craig changed duty stations to Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath, Lakenheath, England from 2001 – 2005. Craig had a combat deployment to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey in 2002 supporting the No-Fly-Zone in northern Iraq and the Global War on Terror.

After he left RAF Lakenheath in 2005, he was sent to Tinker Air Force Base to become a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) technician. Craig’s second and final deployment supported counternarcotic operations as a SATCOM technician attached to the United States Embassy, Lima, Peru for six months in 2010. His support aided in the capture and destruction of over 2.5 tons of cocaine and shut down over 54 drug laboratories in one raid operation. For his time in Peru, Craig was awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal.

After Craig returned from Peru, he decided to leave the military at the end of his enlistment in 2011. In 2012, he served 10 months overseas as a SATCOM defense contractor in Camp Leatherneck and Forward Operating Base (FOB) Payne, Afghanistan.

The Air Force & Ammo taught Craig to have exacting standards, immaculate work ethics, attention to detail, maintenance/troubleshooting skills, and discipline for following rules/procedures. Following these types of procedures meant the difference in life and death when dealing with explosives. Ammo was an Alpha male environment. This is where Craig found his fearlessness, drive, ability to act calmly under pressure, and became a leader. Craig has held numerous responsibilities and leadership positions in his life. He knows that decisions must be made without emotion, quickly, and logically. The Air Force Core Values of “Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do” still live in Craig today. Throughout his tenure in the military and defense contracting, Craig has become highly adaptable to any situation. Craig’s vision was to start Freedom Fighter Networks so he could continue supporting the veteran community.  He is committed to hire veterans all while offering unparalleled quality of service.

About Freedom Fighter Networks

Freedom Fighter Networks was founded on the belief that companies have lost sight of why they exist: taking care of people, valuing them as human beings and making the world a better place. Too many companies see everyone as a dollar figure on an earnings report, see their employees as liabilities/expendable cost centers. We want to bring the military camaraderie to the rest of humanity. We’re going change the world, one person at a time. We believe each employee brings something special to the table and is worth taking care of. The same thing goes for our customers. You’re not just a dollar figure or a potential lead. You’re friends, teammates, veterans that have dreams and aspirations. You’re a part of the Freedom Fighter Networks’ family.