Field Engineering

Everyone needs a good engineer in the field. Troubleshooting? Combat zones? Troubleshooting in combat zones? Counter-narcotics operations? You could say, our Veteran engineers have field experience in more ways than you can imagine.

Product Sales

Need something for your network? Yeah, we’ve got your back.

Network Design

Not sure where to start, need to start over, or need help futureproofing? We’ll help you design the best network for your needs.

Project Management

Need some direction for your projects? We’re skilled in staying on track.

Custom Solutions

Nothing fits better than custom


Want to hire one of our military veteran brothers/sisters? We’ll hook you up.


Want someone else to do the work for you? We can develop a maintenance plan for your equipment.

Our Allies

We’re awesome, but we know we can’t do everything Our Allies help us out when we need them. We don’t ally ourselves with just anyone. Do you have what it takes?

Kevin Case is an awesome dude and purveyor of enterprise Audio/Video solutions